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    This blog contains news about what is happening regarding the legality of the Ithaca Dog Park. Be sure to view the dog parks' Wikipedia page at: Ithaca Dog Park
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Potential Further Extension

Posted by huskadoor on March 19, 2008

Common Council’s Planning and Economic Development Committee will vote on a further extension to the legal dog park. This extension would keep the current park open until Dec. 31. The Ithaca Journal spoke to Tim Joseph, the State Parks Regional Director. Joseph stated, among other things, that he wants a dog park to stay there, and that the temporary one will be in place until a permanent one can be established. He also said that the park will always be fenced, as that was where many complaints and issues came from.

Read the article:

Common Council close to extending dog park exemption


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Past Events

Posted by huskadoor on December 4, 2007

The Dog Park was temporarily legal until December 2007, then an extension was voted down and it is now illegal. A re vote is scheduled in the future. People will most likely continue to use the park regardless. What happens at the next vote will be posted, as well as other news.

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For Info:

Posted by huskadoor on December 4, 2007

For information visit the Ithaca Dog Park Wikipedia page,

or see the same content at:
Wikipedia Content

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